Generating a topic to explore by starting off with a list of questions. We then sifted through the answers of each question and picked
out words that stood out to us. We then attempted to pair up these words with each other to come up with interesting phrases and
to ultimatley come up with a topic or idea of interest. My partner and I were exploring the idea of 3eib culture in the Middle East and
focusing it more on women. This was a fun experience as we had a go at Arabic lettering, sifting through old school text books for
inspiration and collage. 


Process of designing the lettering and taking inspiration from the kufi script:


Process of gathering and scanning old Arabic text books. We are implementing the same
ideas of how they used to teach the alphabets but incorporating our phrases and topic.

Some of the questions that my partner and I answered to come up with the topic and title of the project which is معرض العيب. We answered the questions in English and then translated the words we picked out into Arabic. 

List of words that were picked out from the questions that were answered:

Word combinations that we came up with: